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Welding Magazine

For major players in the welding industry as well as aspiring entrants, there are various welding magazines out there to keep you up to date with the latest news and welding supplies and tips. Welding magazines are a very vital source of information as these contain tidbits of history, technological innovations and other related literature that will expand your knowledge on welding and the industries related to it.

Examples of welding magazines that are more commonly known can easily be found in your local magazine boutique. One example is the The Welding Journal that is published, written and compiled by the American Welding Society. This welding magazine began in 1922 and has continually been released ever since. Because of its longevity and reputable image, you can be assured that only quality information and articles will be found in this magazine. It is also a reliable source for all the new technological research that is being conducted to further progress the advancement of the industry.

Other magazines that are closely related to welding and feature many topics on it are Modern Steel and Construction, The Fabricator and many more. So if you want to read up on welding and its industry, you do not have to look too hard as literature on it is very abundant.