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The act of welding basically involves processes that join two pieces of materials together; more often the material is metal-based. Welding uses the forces of heat and pressure to stick two pieces together. As simple as that may sound there are many different steps and techniques in welding.

One way is arc welding which uses electric currents to do the job. In arc welding, an electric conductor creates an electrical arc between the machine and the metals until it reaches its welding point. This welding process is the most commonly used as it is the most inexpensive among all the others.

Another type is oxyfuel welding which uses the combustible properties of acetylene in oxygen to produce enough heat and energy to weld materials together. This process is also relatively inexpensive but has gone out of favor with most welders today.

For either of the techniques, the welding process is simple. Just place the objects you would want to weld side by side and trace the welding probe along the gaps. If needed, a filling material that enhances the quality of the weld may be used to ensure the strength of the work being done. There are many kinds of welding techniques aside from what was mentioned as more efficient processes are continually being created for the advancement of this technology.